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About me

Visual Artist

Drawings, Paintings, Illustrations, Graphic Designer, Web Designer
Specialist in Equality and Gender.
I am on the Executive Board of EmPoderArte, International

Association of Women Artists

Education (Resume)

Master’s Thesis in Art and Gender 

MA Interuniversity in Art, Equality and Gender 

Post-BA in Museology Studies 

BA in Fine Arts 

BA in Business Administration 


monsters editado.jpg
One day, drawing
Marián M.Cañizares  at Work
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One day, it was a sunny day in spring, I started to draw, I could hear the sounds of the birds around me and I let me go into a new creation, into my own world of nature elements and small creatures/persons that inhabit my drawings and paintings. They let me fly to a new dimension where I can express myself about the world I live in, my feelings and what I want it to be.
Here is a radio interview in radio program "Malas Lenguas" about art and The Gerrilla Girls Exhibition at Matadero Madrid. I hope you enjoy it.
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