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Ink Illustrations

fondo5 editado.jpg

Ink Illustrations

fondo5 editado.jpg

It is a book that I illustrated for the writer Mª Angeles G.Sar. It is a book about a young girl and her friends. A book to promote self esteem, self respect, music, sports, etc. A lady kid with skills. They are tales to develop the reading capacity of the smaller ones and the main character is a strong, happy, adventurous and clever lady.

Igualdad y Género

logo women power.jpg

Illustrations (header and logo) made for my Equality and Gender page in Facebookand Twitter

Wedding Designs


Images created to be used in wedding invitation cards, the decoration of the tables and for other accompanying elements, such as fans, cones for bridal rice, bubble blowers, table arrangement, tissue boxes, etc. The images are based on Dutch Delft Blue ceramics, but all the designs are mine. On the invitation card the kissing couple shares the typical Dutch tulip with a red and yellow Spanish carnation ... It has been very rewarding to make these and see how they all took shape on the day of the wedding in the gardens and the enclosure where it took place.


Simply drawings created day by day, based on my life, walks in nature, travels, feelings, emotions, etc.

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