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When I am creating I feel free to express my emotions and the ideas that are floating in my mind.

I love to paint and draw, but drawing is my preferred way and I do it every day, each time I feel I need to do it, it is not like being programmed, but it is only that I need to express myself in a direct, easy and fast way. For me drawing is best because I can do it at any time and at any place and I only need paper, few markers, pencils and an eraser and then the magic happens.

I usually mix different elements of nature cause I love to observe it and see how I am part of it: I AM NATURE. In that case the elements that appear in my creations are a part of me, my ideas, my illusions and my ways of seeing life, and how that interacts with me like a person that lives in a society.

I love to use leaves, plants, flowers and all other elements that let me express a feeling through it. Since being a kid I lived in close contact to nature, playing in the countryside, with leaves, soil, insects, plants, stones; I loved climbing trees where I could find a different view of life, being hidden and protected by their branches and foliage at the top. Nature is a basic part of me so I need it to feel alive and I use it to express myself, because it is... me.

This is an example of that; as I was travelling for 2 hours 45 minutes, I was drawing on a normal A4-sized paper, sitting in this small space of a seat inside an airplane. The result was this image.

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