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Death and the grave

Yesterday I felt a strong impulse that urged me to draw. I jumped at my white paper and began to draw different lines. Gradually I saw strange images that appear on the white surface, product of my impulsive and frantic movements, which I could not stop for several hours, feeling like seconds and leaving a visible fatigue in my hand and in my mind . At that moment I understood that the image was already created and the idea was embodied on the surface. Then the emptiness made an appearance and I could perceive how all the feelings and ideas had taken shape, by hand, in a concrete space of time, on a flat surface, and only with the intense movement of my markers, pencils and my ideas popping up. I was very relieved to realize that everything that was blocking my brain was now transformed into a luminous and beautiful drawing full of floating ideas, showing me different ways of developing my existence in this unreal world.

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