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Fog and inspiration

I like to walk early in the morning into Nature, when humans still sleep but animals, insects, birds, plants, flowers and me, are alive. When the sun begins to open it's eye in a shy way.

Each day in Nature is different, and I find a new dreamy landscape that intrigues and relaxes me, giving me the inspiration that I need. Nature gives me my creative energy.

This morning it was foggy, covering all surfaces with millions of transparent water droplets. I walked into it and could feel the humidity, the wetness on my hair and clothes. I couldn't see further away than 5 meters, only feeling the solitude that surrounded me with Nature's sounds, and birds breaking the sunrise silence from the distance. I heard my feet walking over the path. Noone around, only Nature. Just what I need to inspire me, for feeling me alive and more like an animal in it, being a part of Nature.



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