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Sorginak! - ¡Brujas! - Witches

My work, "Rosata Novella.[The Trotula. A medieval compendium of women’s medicine]", 2019.

Exhibition: Sorginak! - ¡Brujas! (Witches!) At Centro Cultural Okendo, Donostia. 21 february - 17 april

"To conceive: rose, clove, tuberose, ginger, galanga, nutmeg, zedoaria, storax, cinnamon, watercress, sugar, licorice, wild celery. Part of the medical process to facilitate the conception created by Trótula de Salerno in the twelfth century. Her medical texts and her figure are engulfed by the misogyny of the witch hunt, being attributed to Trótulo (Trótula masculinization) until the early twentieth century. In the figure of the witch, the lethal misogyny of the West takes shape where man embark on a wild madness to control women, their reproductive abilities, their medical knowledge, their lives to dominate and annihilate." Text: Marián M. Cañizares.







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